10AM - 2PM

Dave and Heather Gray's farm

73 West Rd, Awanui

Field Day 27 Nov 10am - 2pm 73 West Rd, Awanui

John Roche - Making Dairy Lovable Again - dealing with public perception

Jane Kay - Profitable Supplement Use

Chris Boom - N S K Fert Trial and Supplement Trial results

David Gray - Making the Most of Pasture

All Welcome, BBQ lunch provided

Supplement Trial Updates

Click below for the latest update in our new Supplement Feeding Trial looking at options for supplement use in a variable climate. Is PKE or DDG feeding profitable?

New N S K Trial

Many farmers apply Ammo hoping to get a profitable Sulphur response. This plot trial tests Nitrogen, Sulphur and Potash responses on three different soil types in spring

Diversified Forage Trial

See below for summary of the last season's work

Annual legumes making a huge contribution to total pasture growth


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